Scripture Writing Club

Where intention meets success.

Gain a closer relationship with God by spending time in His word every day.

What is the Scripture Writing Club?


The Scripture Writing Club is a way for you to automatically have a new themed plan of scriptures delivered right to your Inbox.

There is a new theme every 31 days.

The club is not based on calendar months.

This way you can begin at any time and move through the themes at your own pace.

No playing catch up for the year.

Start from where you are now.

So if it is the middle of March - you sign up, receive your first plan, and begin writing.

You can CHOOSE to begin where you like.

Day one or Day 15 - however you best need to track your intentional time in Scripture. Write all 31 days or switch to the next theme when it arrives in your Inbox.

Your choice

Blessing #1

Establish a daily routine of reading God's Word.

Blessing #2

Focused study of one theme each month.

Blessing #3

Easy to do alone or in a group.

How the Scripture Writing Club Works


When you sign up for the club, you will receive the first theme - which is always DILIGENCE.

You will also receive a bookmark and FOUR free images that go along with the theme. The images are yours to use as backgrounds, screensavers, and to share on social media.

When you are near the end of the 31 days of writing you will receive the next theme and its bonus items.

It's that SIMPLE.

The scriptures are gathered for you.

The writing takes no more than 10 - 15 minutes per day.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Sign up and get started Today!